Вининги такие... викинги))

Цезария Борджиа Блад
Крезанутая ведьма...
Не устоял)

It was the summer of 793
When we sailed across the Great North Sea
Comets crossed the skies that night
Must have known something wasn't right

We arrived upon your English shore
And you offered friendship
But we wanted more
Yeah, so much more!

We're tearing up this place tonight
We're gonna set this sleepy town alight
We'll kill and steal and burn and drink
'Cause us vikings don't care what you think
Woah oh oh!

Let me in, won't you please
We're here to raid your monasteries
We're primed and ready to attack
And we love how monks just don't fight back
You'll die or become a slave to me
Though our slaves often get chucked up in the sea
If the boat's heavy! Yeah, yeah!

You're gonna lose your head, my friend
We're gonna getcha in the end
And I'll drink a toast from your skull
'Cause we're vikings and that's how we roll!

(Play that axe, Ragnor! )

We're gonna paint the whole town red
With the blood of the dead
We'll take everything that you own
And get back on our ship, and go back home.

Потянуто с ЖЖ.

@темы: няки, викинги, ролевые, тыриное, флуд, юмор

2012-08-06 в 19:02 

Siegfried Kiercheis
"Нам с тобою вместе тесно, отчего ж так грустно врозь?!"(с)\"Двери приоткрой и впусти надежду - от беды твоей лучший амулет"(с) "И Бог Войны покой небес хранит надёжнее солдат"(с)
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